Pre Operative Appointment

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If you have an upcoming surgery, you can receive surgical clearance from Margaret Wang, MD, and Christopher Duke, MD, at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Columbia in Columbia, Maryland. A pre operative appointment spares you unnecessary testing, and the team at AllCare adheres strictly to the American Health Association guidelines. Call the office for your appointment or book one online.


What is a pre operative appointment?

Surgical complications are common. Research suggests at least one type of issue occurs in 17% of patients. Usually, these complications involve the cardiac or respiratory systems or an infection of some kind.

A pre operative appointment is a comprehensive check of your cardiac, pulmonary, and immune systems. Through this exam, the doctors at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Columbia ensure that you’re healthy enough to undergo surgery. They also determine if you need any treatment or further evaluation prior to undergoing your procedure. You don’t usually need routine laboratory work prior to surgery, as those tests are usually used to monitor your existing chronic conditions.

What is the purpose of a preoperative exam?

A preoperative exam isn’t intended to just clear you for surgery. The exam evaluates and identifies men and women who may be at higher risk of complications during surgery. This way, any necessary steps prior to surgery can be taken to prepare you and reduce the chance of unnecessary complications.

When you have a thorough preoperative evaluation, it can decrease the length of your hospital stay and prevent last-minute postponement or cancellation of surgery.

The doctors are well-versed in the complications and risks associated with a variety of surgeries. As board-certified internists, they’re qualified to evaluate your underlying acute and chronic conditions that may interfere with each type of operation.

What conditions can cause complications during surgery?

The doctor reviews your health if you have a known heart condition. If you have unstable angina, a recent heart attack (within six weeks), or have had vascular or aortic surgery recently, you may need to undertake special precautions prior to surgery.

If you have a respiratory disease, such as asthma or COPD, you may benefit from presurgical use of steroids or bronchodilators. People with a compromised nutrition status may also need special support and nutritional supplementation before and after surgery.

If you’re scheduled for elective or required surgery, consult AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Columbia in advance. Call the office or book a preoperative exam online to ensure a smooth experience.